#GirlsIntoTech Event

Due to the contextual setting my first placement being a girls grammar school I was interested in attending the event highlighted at the initial introduction to the Computing At School (CAS) website. Although this was not a purely CAS event they were a contributing organiser, alongside the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, FirstOption Software and TheNAVPeople.

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Essential Teaching Skills – Chapter 5

Classroom Climate

Positive Classroom Climate

Key items for establishing a good classroom climate are;

To be Purposed and Task Orientated

A business like classroom maintains the glow and focus of the lesson, whilst ensuring that all parties know what actions are needed via the clear and concise initial exposition. Opportunities for learning should be presented well, as these provide a high emotional risk. Positive encouragement should be forthcoming within the environment to help compensate for this.

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Well, I think I have literally done everything else I can before starting the essays for part of my SCITT course. I have:

  • Painted the kitchen,
  • Cleaned and reorganised the lounge,
  • Sorted out the bedroom,
  • Sorted out the main room,

Now its time to knuckle down and start the proper work…

See what follows.

Essential Teaching Skills – Chapter 4

Lesson Management

Kyriacou (2007) likens managing a lesson to plate spinning, keeping all the students involved in the learning activities, making decisions about timings, initiating the movement of the lesson and running the administration of the lesson. This relies on a positive mental state, the confidence mentioned in Chapter 2. Continue reading “Essential Teaching Skills – Chapter 4”

Essential Teaching Skills – Chapter 3

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Lesson Presentation


A teachers manner needs to exude confidence, even if they don’t have too much at the beginning of their career. This ‘fake it till you make it’ approach will allow for confidence to be developed. This can help when demanding attention in the teacher talk activities to ensure that students give their full attention.

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