Starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, Oblivion is a tale of a post apocalyptic earth. After an alien invasion, and subsequent war, the earth is lost from both the moon being destroyed and the need for the nuclear weapons to be used in fighting these invaders.

The last thing the human race now needs is to take as much as possible from this wrecked planet, in the form of the water from the worlds seas. Tom Cruise as Jack Harper a ‘Drone’ technician, must keep these machines functioning whilst the remaining forces of the alien race are attacking the water pumps. However everything seems too perfect in his world, with only 2 weeks remaining before he and his effective team mate, Victoria () are taken to Titan (one of Saturn’s moons) to join the rest of the humans. Will his questioning nature get him in to trouble with the authorities?


The technology that Tom gets to play with in this film is brilliantly designed for a future world, with everything working together both technically and visually. From the modern penthouse with integrated helipad and swimming pool to the fold out motorbike that is held within the dragonfly bubble heli-plane combo that Cruise spends the film piloting. The Victoria character is used as a Communications Officer passing messages between the Technician and the ‘Tet’, a control space station orbiting the Earth.

Also used to fight the remnants of the ‘alien race’ are two effective weapons, a rifle, which is handily slung over his shoulder through most of the film and a small handgun, strapped to his leg. Allowing for several ‘Indiana Jones’ style shots of enemies from the leg holster.

Overall I did enjoy this film and the 126 minutes did seem to go very quickly, once the story picked up. However it did seem to take a long time to introduce the initial characters.

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